Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dog of the Day - 16th February 2014

Haven't posted on here for a while, as sadly I'm no longer out and about with the dog every day (what with having a day job). The weather's been pretty awful in London for the last couple of months too - plenty of rain resulting in very unpleasant muddy parks!

Today was the first glorious day in what seemed like months! Sunny, with a few picturesque clouds, pretty mild and little wind. The crocuses are even out already. So we took the dog for a nice walk along the Thames, from Putney Bridge to Hammersmith Bridge and back again. In Bishop's Park we met two boundy, barky standard poodles. I'm so used to seeing cavapoos or cockerpoos or labradoodles that I forget that pure poodles actually exist! I didn't find out the name of this chap, as the owner was on the phone and not remotely interested in engaging with anyone else, but I didn't manage to get a snap of him!

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