Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lots of Dogs Today! - 26th February 2014

What a glorious day again! It feels as if spring is here, but who knows when winter will be back.... Lots of the neighbourhood dogs were out and about and for once I was armed with the SLR rather than just the rather useless iPhone. I barely recognised all the owners without hats!

Here's some of Henry's friends: Ernie the golden cocker, Alfie the ball-stealing terrier mix, Mac the westie, Quinn the regal springer, Lazlo the Coton de Tulear and a new little chap called Archie, who's a schnauzer (miniature schnauzer crossed with a poodle!). Lots of white and orange dogs around today!

And here's a shot of Henry keeping my company this morning while I was working from home, looking a bit serious:

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