Monday, 12 May 2014

Dogs of the day - May 12th 2014

I haven't taken the camera to the common for a while, but today the sun was shining (although dark clouds hovered ominously in the distance) and I was working from home, so I decided it was time I caught up on the photos of Henry's friends.

There's a couple of new puppies around, but they weren't out today, so I had to be happy with the older puppies - those around 8 months. This is the lovely Jessie, a golden cocker spaniel with a gorgeous blonde quiff.

And then there were some of the regulars - Pepper the beagle, Archie the schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle cross), Lazzie the coton de tulear, Alfie the pug and a couple of others. The dogs only posed for me if someone brought a handful of treats from their pocket.

Otherwise there was a fair amount of boisterous puppy activity going on - running around together, biting, playing - particularly between Pepper and Archie.

Being two now (it was his birthday last week) Henry doesn't join the playing all that much, usually content to play ball with me, or have a good old roll. Fortunately he doesn't roll in stinky things!

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