Sunday, 1 June 2014

Dogs of the Day - 1st June 2014

After taking some photos of masses of Harley-Davidson motorcycles at the Warr's dealership off the King's Road earlier in the day, I decided it was time for something completely different, so snapped some of the local dogs.

This is Archie the cocker spaniel posing very nicely for me - such a gorgeous face.

These two having a good fight are the teddy-bear like little Elvis, a 6-month-old cavapoo, and Gracie, a year-old Havanese.

This is Gilbert, waiting - rather sadly - for his daddy to return. Eventually he just gave up.

This is Gracie on her own - managed to get her staying still for about a second!

And last but not least, is the lovely Lazzie, who didn't seem to notice the lens shoved underneath his nose as he waited to play ball.

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