Sunday, 3 March 2013

English Bulldog Meet-up in Kensington Gardens

A few days ago I chatted to one of the local dog-owners about his English Bulldog, Frankie. He told me about a monthly event that I decided I had to go and check out for myself, regardless of the fact that my dog is a cocker spaniel, not a bulldog. On the first Sunday of every month, a group of people meet in Kensington Gardens (the western part of Hyde Park) with their English Bulldogs. I headed off there this morning, armed with my camera, but minus my spaniel (he just wouldn't have fit in).

It was certainly an unusual sight, seeing about 30 or 40 of the same breed of dog all pottering around together, chewing sticks together, sniffing each others' bottoms, trying to hump each other, cocking legs up trees, snorting, breathing heavily and just generally hanging out having a great time with their mates and owners. Just like any other breed there was a Molly and a Poppy, a Harry and a George, a Nelson and, er, a Knut (the chap in the first photo!), among others.

I tried to count all the dogs, and think that there were about 30 or more at any one time. Apparently once summer comes the turn-out gets even better - so I'll have to return.

Lots of people walked through the park looking rather bemused, and asked me what was going on, or rather, what the occasion was (it was pretty obvious that it was a meeting of English Bulldogs!). I found the whole spectacle rather bizarre too, but would love to see the same type of event for English Cocker Spaniels - maybe it's something I should organise...

More dog photos can be found on my website, and are available for purchase as prints, personal downloads and for RM licensing. For more information on the event, check out this link.


  1. Have you noticed much truth in the saying that the dogs and their owners look similar to each other?!

  2. What a wonderful dogs! I`m so impressed with such a warm relationships between English Bulldogs and their owners! Just the real sample of a faithful friendship :)

  3. That's great, I am one of the artists on bayswater rd art show and love seeing the bull dogs on there way to the meet.