Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Pet Theft Awareness Week - 14th - 21st March 2013

There has been a massive number of thefts of dogs in the past few months, and the plight of two working cocker spaniels stolen on New Year's Eve (Tia and Maisie) has left me feeling particularly angry about the whole thing, very sad for the poor owner, and very glad that my little cocker is safely sleeping beneath my chair.

I've just heard about Pet Theft Awareness Week, which is a great initiative to highlight this problem and try to find ways to tackle it. One piece of action is the creation of an e-petition to the government to try to change the seriousness of the theft of pets.

Please have a look at the Pet Theft site and share!

Here is the link to the petition:

Hopefully all this publicity will make it harder for thieves to sell on stolen dogs and get them tougher sentences when they're caught (and let's hope that more of them are!).

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