Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dog of the Day 26th March 2013

It's a bit rainy today in Iceland, so I thought I'd catch up on a few photos from earlier in the trip. Last week I had a lovely walk with my friend JP and his clan of cockers and labs. We met originally after I commented on his lovely puppy photos on Flickr, and have since become friends and now met in the flesh! We had a walk along the beach with the dogs and I captured a few of his lovely dogs. This one is my favourite - I met them all last year when my own hunt for a cocker spaniel puppy had just begun, and hoped that I'd find one that looked like her (I did!). She's called Tiffany, or Tiffu for short, and is now two. I think she is just divine!

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  1. Tiffers looks adorable in any condition - windswept, overgrown, heathered, wet n soggy, etc but she has now had a haircut with the classic sleek Cocker head, smooth back and groomed side, and smartly trimmed paws. Almost a different dog from the fluffball she was on the windy day this photo was taken. Lovely Blog Sophie !!