Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Dog of the Day - 2nd April 2013

I'm back from Iceland! I've been back a few days, but have spent most of my time either doing social Eastery things, processing Iceland photos, or catching up on Countdown on 4OD ;)

The weather seems to be perking up a little - today it was sunny most of the day, if a little nippy when the wind blew - so I took the camera out. The forecast looks good, so I'll try to get some more regular shots of the local doggies.

Today's Dog of the Day is Noah. He's a golden cocker spaniel, about a year old (a little older than Henry). They met last summer when they were both small puppies and played together from day one. They don't see each other all that often, and when they do the playing is a little less prolonged than it used to be. Noah's got quite fluffy fur and had an all-over chop a couple of months ago, except for his head and tail (the "lion cut" - sported by quite a few dogs in the neighbourhood who'd visited the same groomer and have a bit of spaniel or poodle in them!). Noah's hair has grown back quite a lot, but he still bears a great resemblance to a lion, I think.

Tomorrow Henry has a play-date with his old cavapoo friend Abby, so I think I know who the Dog of the Day might be (if she sits still for more than a split-second!).

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