Saturday, 13 April 2013

Dog of the Day - 13th April 2013

Today's Dog of the Day is another of JP's Icelandic cocker spaniel clan! This time it's the lovely mother of Snoopy and Tiffany (already featured) - Chelsea.

On our walk along the beach and through the sculpture park Chelsea carried a tatty pink rubber ball, which she insisted on sitting down with at her feet and barking at us, hoping that we'd throw the ball and play with her. When JP did throw the ball all of the cockers chased it and it was usually Tiffany that got it, resulting in a stand-off between them. Once Chelsea had regained the ball she was back to her barking to get our attention! When she wasn't playing with the ball she was busy digging holes in the sand on the beach (possibly in which to bury the ball for next time!).

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  1. Chelsea is very possesive about her ball and gets pretty pissed off when one of the other dogs takes it. She is also fond of shredding a ball and has the jaw/tooth power of a croc when the mood takes her - I think it is her therapy as she is calm and sweet after a walk out with her ball. Tiffany has inherited Chelsea's ball-shredding traits and can demolish any rubber ball in record time! Chelsea looks kind of ungroommed/wild-natural in these pics so I take this opportunity to state that she has now had a summer-cut and looks much sleeker now !