Monday, 8 April 2013

Dog of the Day - 8th April 2013

Today's Dog of the Day is Snoopy, one of my friend JP's three blue roan cocker spaniels, who reside in Reykjavik. On our walk a few weeks ago Snoopy was quite good at stopping to pose for me. He's quite unusual in that he has some white eyelashes, that make him look very distinguished. He also has unfeasibly long ears and lovely freckly cheeks!


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  1. Thanks for this lovely blog feature of Snoopy! He is such a character and makes us laugh every day with his joyful antics. As you say, he does unfeasibly long ears, even after his recent haircut - there was some collateral damage ; his eyebrows were trimmed right back to acheive the sleek Cocker profile. But he still looks fab!