Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dog of the Day - 30th April 2013

I've been away for a while, away from dogs (including my own), which is why there haven't been any dogs of the day for a while! But I'm back and the weather is good enough for me to take the camera out, so the Dog of the Day is back on!

Today's Dog of the Day is Hendrix, a 10-month-old pugador. Never heard of the breed/mix? Me neither until I met this little fella yesterday. A pugador is a cross between a pug and a labrador. How dogs of two breeds with such a size disparity managed to mate is not something I want to think about, but the result is quite cute. He is rather manic, jumping around very energetically - in order to be photographed his dog-walker had to hold his collar; otherwise there would have just been a orangey-brownish blur! More tomorrow...

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